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LendEZ – Loan Origination Platform

“LendEZ” is the flagship product developed by EPIKINDIFI. It is an end-to-end Flexible, Integrated, Modular and Intelligent Digital Lending Origination platform from Customer journey origination through in-principle sanction and upto disbursement. LendEZ is a visually driven ‘zero-code’ platform which can be effectively managed and operated by bank’s business and IT staff.

“LendEZ” empowers leaders and employees of an Financial Institution with true insight into the organisation through an end-to-end integrated platform that spans across business products and combines customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, deposit accounts, workflow, credit analysis, content management and instant reporting capabilities.

It seamlessly integrates with the Institution’s core and transactional systems, while replacing point solutions and manual-based processes.

LendEZ is being used by our different customers across globe for both their SME and Retail lending business. It can also automate and create straight-through processing for liabilities products such as CASA and Term Deposits.

It can also be used to manage various service requests and credit card dispute resolution.

    Designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate, LendEZ delivers ROI by:

    • ADelivering revenue growth by quicker turn-around time
    • AImproving productivity due to process automation
    • AImproved Customer experience
    • AImproving compliance by maintaining data integrity

    Platform Features

    Document Studio

    Streamline and digitize your document management with a centralized hub for all loan-related paperwork.

    Notification Studio

    Stay connected and informed with real-time notifications and alerts, ensuring smooth communication throughout the loan cycle.

    Experience Designer

    Tailor the borrower experience with a user-friendly interface that caters to your unique branding and customer needs.

    AI/ML Engine

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make data-driven decisions and optimize lending strategies.

    Decision Engine

    Make informed lending decisions by leveraging sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics.


    Integrate effortlessly with third-party systems and automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency.

    Product Hub

    Manage your lending products efficiently, keeping them up-to-date and accessible for your team and customers.

    Workflow Engine

    Design and implement customized loan workflows that match your business processes and compliance requirements.

    Platform Capabilities

    Flexible Deployment

    Get up and running quickly on LendEZ’s various deployment models. The deployment models give flexibility to deploy in cloud, host in your own cloud or run it on-premises.

    Design Your Journey

    Without requiring knowledge of coding, product managers can design their customer journey workflows to be as efficient as possible: designing customer journey, designing elements to put right data in right form and automating tasks. All these can be done from the comfort of your office.

    Integration Framework

    Schema Less
    Build Your Own Rules
    Define Your Automation

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