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ClickEZ – Digital Debt Collection Platform SAAS

Simple, intelligent and intuitive ‘Digital’ approach to engage customers and ensure better collections and ROI for Banks and Credit providers.

Personalized customer segmentation is at the center of the next-generation collections model.

This allow moving away from static classification, whether standard delinquency stages or simple risk scores. Additionally, customers dictating their interaction touchpoints presents tremendous challenges for traditional collection models.

Designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate, ClickEZ delivers ROI by:

  • AIntuitive: Engage customers effortlessly.
  • APersonalized: Tailored communication for each segment.
  • AEffective: Boost payments by 200% with neurodesign UX.

Platform Differentiators:


No money in your nominated account? Pay overdue at convenience through a link. Application is integrated with leading payment gateways with a fully automated status update, Settlement to host system and reconciliation


Customer not comfortable to discuss their plans to clear overdue? They can
use the intelligent payment plan options to intimate on the arrangement.
Banks and other institutions have control over options that allows individual
customers to change the frequency, amount and start date.


Request a callback – Customer has a query or dispute? They can use the ‘Request call back’ option and select a suitable date and time slot of their preference. Integrated with CRM and IVR system to schedule automated calls.

Platform Features


Simple, yet powerful and intuitive options like Pay now, Request callback and Create payment plan.


Using the twin capabilities of API and RPA, ClickEZ can easily and quickly integrate even with legacy systems where no API is available.


Gets the system up and running quickly through flexible deployment models: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid


Application is secured by HTTPS TLS 1.2 protocol messaging. The application is also built with OWASP 3.0 guidelines.


End-to-End payment capability from transaction creation, status update, settlement and reconciliation

Reduce Debt Collection Costs With Improved Efficiency &
Digital Customer Engagement

Here are some of the market segments that can benefit from ClickEZ

Elevate collections efficiency and compliance across a diverse range of sectors, including banking, finance, retail, telecom, and more, with our versatile Digital Debt Collection SaaS

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