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Our Philosophy

“We make small promises and keep it”. That is the greatest way to gain client trust, build long-term relationships and deliver successful programs.

We have never deviated from that philosophy ever and we have since made that our DNA.

So if we make a promise, believe us we will always keep it. We believe that “Delivery Certainty” and “Quality” must be the primary ingredients of any successful implementation journey.

Every step in managing and delivering any program, whether small, large, simple or complex, has to be driven by outcome of “Delivery Certainty”.

We have adopted principles of “Continuous Visual Delivery” for delivering large and complex transformation programs to achieve much desired “Delivery Certainty” and “Quality”.

Project Management

Effective Program Management is key to success of any transformation project. This is one area which determines the success or failure of any program.

With years of successfully delivering core banking transformation programs, our team of expert program managers and project directors will manage large complex programs with ease.

Domain Expertise

Banking is a vast area and while fundamentals of banking remain the same, every core banking system has different logic to meet those banking requirements of any bank.

Our senior banking consultants with both banking and core banking software knowledge provide required bridge between business in the bank and technology and program teams.

Implementation Methodology

EPIK Implementation Methodology is designed around the milestones and timelines in any project.

Our Methodology is based on path breaking “Structured Agile” approach which is a best of breed new approach to implementation.

In our methodology, we have considered best of both “Waterfall” and “Agile” methodologies and creates an effective and efficient methodology which assures “Delivery Certainty”.

The whole implementation is further broken into smaller phases, and the execution of each phase is like an independent project.

This helps in prioritising business requirements which will start giving business benefits at the earliest.

The delivery of these business requirements in phases not only offers the returns but also keeps all stakeholders engaged continuously as there are recurring go-lives in the overall project.

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