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CollectEZ – Debt Collection Platform

Smart, intelligent and effective approach to manage collections to ensure better ROI as well as fully compliant with policies. Credit products have evolved drastically to cater to spending economy and covering vast segment of customers.

Though the market segment increased for credit players, this has put banks and financial institution at risk of growing non-performing assets if collection is not managed rightly. Static classification of accounts and traditional collection models have failed in recovering funds.

Designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate, CollectEZ delivers ROI by:

  • AIntelligent and smart decisioning combined with deep insights of customer and automated workflow can engage customer efficiently and drive cost effective collection process.
  • ARules, workflow and decision engines automates compliance segmentation of delinquent accounts.
  • AData driven intelligence enables lenders to personalise appropriate communication channels and monitoring through dashboards
  • AInteracting with customers based on digital data points results in doubling of the efficiency rate of collections

Platform Features

Smart Campaign

Auto classifies the accounts into campaigns based on customer score and risk parameters. This provides an effective grouping of customers to start with.

Configurable Treatment Plan

Treatment plan/decision for every campaign that’s tailored for maximum recovery underpinned by automated workflow execution. More digital ways at early stages while focused approach for late stage and specific accounts.

Customer 360

Application provides complete customer profile with the efficient display of customer’s current liability and past communication history in the calendar as well as list view. Collectors can get to know customer behavior in less than minute.


Collection Manager

Enables Collection manager to classify accounts and configure decision rules. He can design treatment plans to follow automated workflow, communication template (SMS, email & letter) for various stages.

Operation Manager

Provides powerful statistics to operation manager to measure and manage the performance of collection progress across various stage.


Empowered with enriched customer information and deep insights. Provides simple and intuitive options to review as well as to manage customer interactions.

Platform Capabilities

Flexible Deployment

Get up and running quickly on CollectEZ’s various deployment models. The deployment models give flexibility to deploy in cloud, host in your own cloud or run it on-premises.

Design Your Journey

Without requiring knowledge of coding, product managers can design their customer journey workflows to be as efficient as possible: designing customer journey, designing elements to put right data in right form and automating tasks. All these can be done from the comfort of your office.

Integration Framework

Schema Less
Build Your Own Rules
Define Your Automation

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