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Our Philosophy for InDiFi

We are building ‘Intelligent’ products leveraging latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Products that are agile and nimble & enhancements happen seamlessly. Our target is to ensure no product takes more than 90 days to implement.

The Guiding Principles of Building InDiFi Products.

indifi philosophy

As world is moving towards high performance with minimal cost, cloud is here to stay. Leveraging the benefits of the Cloud (Private/Public) our products are priced such that banks can use them and derive benefits with very low upfront investments.

InDiFi Products

InDiFi Field Force

A product designed for the last mile delivery of financial products and services including features like origination, teller & collection on a mobile device. Such one-of-a-kind product can provide assisted banking to customers on the go or at their doorstep as needed.

InDiFi Sentinel

InDiFi Sentinel  - an app on your device which is simple, intuitive,  data insight driven connecting multiple project management platform in the backend using RPA and fundamentally transforming how banks guide/review programs.

InDiFi Intelligent Robotics

InDiFi Intelligent Robotics is an RPA tool which performs routine business processes mimicking the ways the people interact with applications. It's powered by AI and Machine Learning to do judgement based tasks apart from repetitive tasks. They reduce the turnaround time, reduce costs, improve services and lower error rates.

Field force

A new banking channel

InDiFi Field Force is a highly secure application and also integrated with biometric authentication including Aadhar in India.

The solution is powered by powerful RPA to integrate with existing branch and legacy accounting systems, thereby avoiding further investments on existing systems. This will not only help in reducing investment into personnel and branch infrastructure but also improve productivity


A unique project management platform

This product is a must-have for all project managers, portfolio managers and executives who can visualize program data through various personas and use insights generated to better manage programs. The app has an in-built machine learning and analytical engine which references data from its database of over 8000 projects to give you a ‘realistic’ view of the project and helps you anticipate the upcoming challenges.

The notification center functionality intelligently ensures you are aware of important updates and allows seamless collaboration, recording of decisions and follow-up on actions


An intelligent robotics

With zero integration, it works with any business application (legacy, desktop and web based) and can execute cross-application processes.

The key benefit of InDiFi Intelligent Robotics will be to componentize and then chaining various such components in a process within old legacy systems which today can be done only manually or by expensive BPMS tools. The RPA bots can not only help you transform your processes to more agile ones, but it can be used to integrate systems which today are disparate or don’t have API integration

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