EPIK is building an eco-system of partnerships with like-minded partners,that will help in providingtechnologically innovative products to banks, financial and other industries. This eco-system is expanding and some of our partner products are here for you to explore.


Clari5 Enterprise Fraud Management is a real-time intelligent Big Data solution that combats sophisticated fraud with real-time, actionable insights. It monitors suspicious activities in real-time, and takes the right decision at the right time as opposed to end of day reporting and analysis. Clari5 EFM is designed to meet the fraud detection, investigation, prevention, monitoring compliance and audit needs of banks. Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management, Comprehensive, Real-time Anti-Money Laundering Solution, Real-time Customer Experience Management


FinAlyzer is a cloud based financial analysis and reporting tool. BeyondSquareFinAlyzer seamlessly pulls financial data from accounting packages like QuickBooks, Tally, etc., and operational data from excel. All this information is converted to actionable business insights that help in decision making. FinAlyzer provides rich interactive dashboards and MIS reports

hyper f(X)-hyper t(X)

hyperX provides a cloud-based solution to manage and facilitate financial reporting and analytics for General Partners and CFOs.

hyper f(X) is the forecasting product offering which does scenario analysis for portfolio investments & exits, operating expenses, allocations & distributions

hyper t(X) is the hyperX accounting and reporting offering which provides true transactions based accounting solution, drill down to the individual transaction level, complete financial reporting package with all dashboard reports to manage the fund

Mpower Digital ONBOARDING

An Omni-channel onboarding solution that empowers you to transform your digital onboarding proposition without making any expensive legacy system changes. This product will enable customers to acquire bank’s loans or deposit products quickly either in unassisted or assisted mode. Business owners can go beyond traditional lead generation only to a fully integrated and straight through account opening process, designing their own customer experience and rapidly deploying

Mpower Digital CONTENT

Content is a banking industry specific solution that centralizes your and your customer's important business content in one secure location, and then delivers these contents across channel for your staff and end customers. It also comes with pre-defined bank document templates, data models and integration touchpoints for various banking processes

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